“Mr. Nicholson did a great job for me, he got me my money real fast.” – Robert J.

Robert had another attorney.  That attorney took Robert’s case to hearing and lost.  The other attorney would not file an appeal to the Appeals Council, so Robert filed his own appeal.  The Appeals Council sent Robert’s case back to Baton Rouge for a new hearing and Robert contacted me.  I got involved in the case a couple of weeks before the hearing.

Robert had a compelling story.  He worked for over twenty years as a diesel mechanic helper, a nursing home orderly and in several other manual labor positions.  At the hearing, the crucial issue in the case, which the Appeals Council asked the ALJ to explore, was whether Robert needed a cane to walk. The medical records were full of references to the cane.

Robert’s case was won because Robert was a hard working man.  A man who would rather work than depend on Social Security for support.  But Robert was too worn out to continue working.  Although he wanted to continue working his body would not cooperate.  That was the story Robert told to the ALJ.

I take pride in representing men like Robert.  Let me know if I can help you.  Contact me at 225-281-7715 for a free consultation.

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